Media & Reform Centre Nis

Since its founding on July 4th, 2005, Media and Reform Center Nis (MRCN) takes on the important task – to support the work and visibility of the activities of civil society organizations, as well as strengthening the professionalism of the media for reporting on specific topics contribute to the development of civil society in the territory of southern Serbia and the whole country. Its mission starts from the recognition that the connection of civil society organizations and the media is crucial in the process of democratization and the creation of modern and proactive society. In addition to local civil society organizations and the media, MRCN actively cooperates with the local government, representatives of the academic community, with the aim of promoting the participation of citizens in decision-making and a greater importance of civil society at the regional level. In the past decade MRCN has implemented a number of projects which have left their mark the present-day Balkans.