Dacorum CVS has been active in transnational projects since 1997 (as outlined in previous activities). A number of the projects have been in the field of Europe for Citizens, Learning and Active Citizenship. In the 2007-2013 LLP Programme Dacorum CVS ran six Grundtvig Senior Volunteering projects with five countries. In Erasmus+, we are active participant in EVS, in last four years it has hosted eight volunteers from five countries, sent eight volunteers to seven countries and have projects approved for delivery during 2017. We also have sent a number of groups on other mobility opportunities and have active citizenship embedded into the development of new training courses. In Europe for Citizens we have been a partner in Cities on Air in 2016, which linked community radio stations in Italy, Spain and UK together to share knowledge and experience. At a local level Dacorum CVS supports NGOs and promotes active citizenship enacting these principles with 150 volunteers active in projects.