Sodalis Service Center for Volunteering Salerno is a structure created by voluntary associations and organizations of the third sector of the province of Salerno.

The Voluntary Service Centers are bodies set up in all the Italian provinces , born with theFramework Law on Volunteering n.266 / 1991 and with the Ministerial Decree of 8/10/1997 the tasks of the CSVs are explained:


  • Supporting and qualifying voluntary activities, providing services in the form of services to registered voluntary organizations that are not registered in the Regional Registers;
  • To develop tools and initiatives for the growth of the culture of solidarity and the promotion of new voluntary initiatives and the strengthening of existing ones;
  • Offer qualified advice and assistance, as well as tools for the design, launch and implementation of specific activities
  • Assume training and qualification initiatives for members of voluntary organizations;
  • Provide information, news, documentation and data on voluntary activities, national and local.

Who is Sodalis

Sodalis is a ‘ Association of associations born in May 2004, again this year the Management Committee of the Special Fund for Regional Volunteering of Campania (Co. Ge) issues the call for the establishment of service centers.

In 2005, Co. Ge entrusted the management of CSV for the province of Salerno to Sodalis.
In these years Sodalis’ associative base has grown considerably from 48 to 204 associations in the entire province of Salerno, a horizontal network where confrontation and exchange takes place in a participatory and shared way where organizations are called to be an active part in the path growth and development of the CSV.

The Corporate Bodies of the Service Center are: the Executive Committee, the Board of Auditors and the Board of Guarantors.

Act in common
Sodalis CSV Salerno is inspired by the values ​​of gratuitousness, reciprocity, solidarity and consideration of the other fundamental points of voluntary action and of acting in solidarity.

Objectives of Sodalis

  • Working for Volunteer Associations by providing their services free of charge with a view to helping and improving the growth path of voluntary organizations, supporting, promoting, qualifying and enhancing the voluntary sector itself, associations and territorial development.
  • Offer a range of opportunities and development paths with guidance, support and enhancement activities to foster the development, leadership and growth of VOs.
  • Making visible to the eyes of the territory the voluntary world made of choices and passion, of active and sensitive citizens committed to preparing concrete answers to common life;
  • Strengthen and promote volunteer experiences with a view to growing and supporting the world of volunteering as a place for participation and social action.